The assortment of brekkie items and coffee culture is very extravagant all across Australia. In addition to breakfast and brunch in St. Kilda, Tic Tac Toe has great variety of tea and coffee options. Complemented by a delicious menu of breakfast options and snacks, our cafe turns out to be one of the best tea coffee places in Elwood.


During the day, St. Kilda has a lot to do and explore. The beach-side suburb is a perfect place for couples, families, friends, kids and people who love to sit for tea and coffee in Elwood, sharing their stories. We know there is nothing more than a badly brewed cup of caffeine to give your day a unpleasant start. That’s why our cafe has delicious coffee and an extensive list of tea for all the folks visiting us.


We are open whole day long – whether you are craving for great brunch in St. Kilda or searching for a mood enhancing cup of tea and coffee in Elwood. Book your takeaway food with our Elwood service. Our home delivery service is available for all the nearing suburbs. Refer our breakfast menu to accompany your tea and coffee.

We love quality tea and coffee as much as you do!

Coke | Coke zero | Lemonade | Lemon squash $4 Lemon lime + Bitters | Soda...
10 ea
Mixed Berries /Acai Blend /Coconut Water Turmeric /Mango /Coconut...
$5 ea
$6 ea
Choose any fruit or veg orange, pineapple, apple, carrot, celery, ginger...
$6 ea
ICED iced coffee | iced chocolate 5 iced mocha 5.5 home brew hibiscus +...
English breakfast/earl grey/chamomile/jasmine/green/lemongrass + ginger
Flavoured hot chocolate $5.3 bounty/ caramello/ toblerone/ snickers/ mars...
Made with loose leaf tea + spices served w/ soy milk add honey 0.5
Espresso coffee with ice-cream – add liqueur 9.0
caramel/ salted caramel/ vanilla/ hazelnut
Skinny/ vitasoy/ almond/ coconut/ rice